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Yves Rocher

Special winter body care routine

Looking for a moment of self-care to help face all those cold winter days? Take a moment to pamper your body from head to toe, thanks to our selection of cocooning products.

The must-have product for a comforting shower

Forget about the freezing winter temperatures and relax by taking a hot shower to steam up your bathroom. Make this moment relaxing by immersing yourself in nature’s wonders with the Bain de Nature shower products.
They leave skin clean and delicately scented without drying it out, and are available in a wide variety of nature-inspired fragrances, perfect for recharging your batteries.

It’s time to exfoliate, but which scrub to choose?

While still in the shower, take advantage of your skin being damp skin to gently exfoliate and remove dead skin cells using a scrub.
This scrub, enriched with Organic Shea Butter and Shea shells, gently exfoliates skin. It protects skin against dryness. Its creamy richness refines the skin's texture, leaving it soft and silky. Impurities and dead skin cells are eliminated. Skin is immediately nourished. 
How to use it: Apply in the shower, once or twice a week, then rinse thoroughly. Do not apply on face or on damaged or irritated skin.

Hydrated and nourished skin

Once your mirror is thoroughly fogged up, it's time to moisturize and repair your dry skin. If the weather has left your skin feeling dry, we recommend combining the effectiveness of the cleansing balm with the nourishing body lotion.
In the shower, apply the balm on entire body, then rinse thoroughly. This sulfate-free* cleansing balm, enriched with organic Shea Butter and Calendula, gently cleanses skin and protects it from drying out, reducing dryness by 57%**.
Then, lightly massage the nourishing body lotion with organic Shea Butter and Calendula on your skin. Our body lotion is specially formulated to meet the needs of dry to extra dry skin, it reduces the skin's water loss, and nourishes intensely and durably.
*Sulfate-free surfactants
**Objective clinical study carried out on 20 volunteers over 28 days
Three products for soft and comforted feet
Often forgotten about during our beauty routines, you should make sure to care for your feet during this self-care session. Rid your feet of rough patches and dead skin to leave them feeling soft and smooth to the touch with an exfoliating gel enriched with organic Mint and organic Mallow.
Finish your ritual with a reparing foot balm for dry and very dry skin or the express absorption foot cream for normal to dry skin.

Beauty care for beautiful hands

Finish this relaxing moment by applying a hand cream. Mistreated by the winter cold, it’s important to give your hands the nourishment and protection they need. The 2-in-1 cleansing and hydrating hand cream, enriched with organic Arnica water, cleanses and moisturizes hands at the same time, and there's no need to rinse. Then, you can choose between the nourishing hand cream for normal to dry skin or the repairing hand balm for dry and very dry skin.
Our creams are formulated with Arnica water obtained from organic Arnica grown through organic farming and an agroecological approach ​in our La Gacilly fields in Brittany.


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