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Yves Rocher

Sensitive skin? This range is made for you

When we talk about sensitive skin, we naturally think about the face, but what about the body?

It shouldn't be neglected, as it also needs targeted care to stay comfortable and beautiful. Once again, we’ve got you covered... (re)discover the Hamamelis line and its Witch Hazel-infused formulas specially designed to meet the needs of sensitive skin!

What is sensitive skin?

 Sensitive skin manifests itself through different clinical signs and a general sensation of skin discomfort. Tightness, itching, and redness are the results of unbalanced biological mechanisms in the skin and a change in the skin barrier.
Skin sensitivity can be explained by its very nature (it may naturally be more fragile), but may also be the result of exposure to certain factors: changes in temperature, pollution, stress... In an increasingly urban environment, our skin is exposed to external aggressors every day. Our way of life is also a factor: excessive hygiene can, for example, alter the skin microbiota, which helps maintain our skin's natural balance.
It is therefore recommended you adjust your beauty routine to prevent your skin from dealing with these issues on the daily.

A new sensitive skin range

The Yves Rocher body care line contains organic Witch Hazel extract. This botanical active ingredient was selected by our Botanical Beauty scientists for its soothing, softening properties on the skin. It improves its barrier function by stimulating the synthesis of lipids, essential components of the hydrolipidic film. Its added bonus? It respects the skin’s microbiota, providing additional comfort for sensitive skin. We have therefore chosen to incorporate it into the three key products from our new range: a shower gel, a cleansing shower cream, and a hydrating milk.

To best meet the needs of your skin, it’s not just about following the proper routine; using cleansing products that respect your skin is just as important. Designed for the whole family, choose the sulfate-free* Super-Soft Shower Gel, which gently cleanses and instantly soothes sensitive skin.
Do you have extra sensitive skin? We have just what you need: the non-foaming Low Shower Shower Cream is the best cleansing product for sensitive skin. Thanks to its melting sulfate-free* formula composed of botanical oils, it nourishes the skin while in the shower.
Finally, you should moisturize your skin immediately after the shower with a milk. The Soothing Milk for face and body instantly soothes and hydrates. The bonus? It respects sensitive skin types and can be applied daily to the face and body. It’s even suitable for children aged 3 years and up!

*No sulfonated surfactants

 Witch Hazel: the star ingredient of this range 

Native to the United States, our Witch Hazel has been grown organically by our partner for over 20 years. They have an innovative growing process for Europe, with the utmost respect for the plant.

Already eager to try out the range? Tell us your favorite product in the comments!


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