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Yves Rocher

Nourishes and repairs your dry skin

Discover our new expert body care inspired by the Breton nature, to take care of your body on a daily basis.

Our Botanical Beauty® researchers have developed highly natural formulas, innovative textures and a unique olfactory universe to offer an exceptional sensorial experience and the most suitable products to meet the needs of dry and very dry skin types.
At the heart of these formulas with clinically proven effectiveness, powerful organic botanical ingredients from sustainable sources have been carefully selected by our experts : Shea and Calendula, well known for their nourishing and soothing properties. New body care range, 100% vegan* to give the body the comfort it deserves.
*Formulated without ingredients or derivatives of animal origin.


Our Botanical Beauty® researchers have selected unique plants, known for their cosmetic virtues. The harvest period was chosen so that the plant was at its peak of freshness, as well as the extraction method which allows the concentration of active molecules to be optimized.
Renowned for its nourishing and repairing properties, Shea is considered a sacred tree : only women are allowed to pick and work with its fruits. This unique traditional knowledge is passed on from generation to generation.
Our Shea seeds all come from West Africa. We use locally based suppliers to ensure the network’s sustainable development.
Native to the Mediterranean region, Calendula (Calendula officinalis) was one of the first plants to be grown by Yves Rocher in his native village of La Gacilly, Brittany, in 1979. Also known as Marigold, this plant is very rich in active ingredients known for their softening and antioxidant properties.


Dry and very dry skin need special attention due to their nature. These skin types are more fragile and tend to dry out more.
Our Botanical Beauty® researchers have selected a fruit with extraordinary properties: organic Shea, known for its incredibly rich butter, boasting nourishing, restorative properties.
Rich in fatty acids, such as Oméga-9, Shea butter is a well-known emollient. It restores softness and suppleness to dry and very dry skin. It protects the skin from dryness and strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier, enabling it to better withstand future irritations.
To reduce the discomfort caused by dry and very dry skin, we have added organic Calendula for its soothing* properties. Rich in triterpene and phytosterols, organic Calendula oil extract can reduce skin’s response to stress or external irritants**. Consequently, it reduces tightness and discomfort, soothing the skin.
*Except Rich Body Scrub
**In vitro test


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