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Yves Rocher

My beauty calendar to brave the winter

What make-up and skincare are must-haves this winter? Here are our picks for January, February, and March.



Okay, you admit you went a little overboard during the holidays... and you had every right! But now that it’s time for resolutions, you want to get back on track, and that starts by detoxing your skin.
  • First, exfoliate your face and body at least once a week to smooth the skin's texture, remove dead skin cells, and allow the skin to renew itself. To top it off, apply a mask every week. There’s a mask for every need: purifying, hydrating, soothing...
  • To cleanse your skin daily, use the Waterproof Cleansing Oil – Anti-pollution + Detox, which eliminates the tiniest pollution particles and removes stubborn make-up.
  • And don't hesitate to treat yourself to a Detox Treatment with Edulis and Aloe Vera at the spa. Your skin will be gently exfoliated under steam, blackheads will be extracted, and a detoxifying, moisturizing mask will be applied.

A make-up must-have for the month? Bronzer to warm up the complexion. Apply it to the forehead, cheekbones, chin, and neck.

Our well-being tip for January: Adopt the Hygge lifestyle philosophy to be constantly cozy and to live more peacefully.


Heating, cold wind, low temperatures, low humidity... it's the middle of winter, alright! All of these factors stress the skin and dry it out. And don’t forget, your hair is taking a beating, too...
  • Opt for a cleansing milk, which is less drying than a micellar water. Of course, moisturize your skin using a body and face lotion; and don’t forget to apply a hand cream and lip balm morning and night.
  • Your hair is also weakened by the winter cold, therefore it needs to be strengthened with a fortifying Repair Shampoo.

As for make-up, a complexion corrector is a must-have to correct imperfections. Anti-Redness, Anti-Blue Circles, Anti-Dark Circles, Yellowish Skintone: there’s a corrector in every color.
Don't be afraid to also add a touch of color to your lips and cheeks.

February’s added bonus? Take advantage of your time spent warm indoors to test recipes with anti-aging foods. (Re)discover our article on foods rich in anti-oxidants that will help fight against sagging skin.



The end of winter is almost here... Hang in there! Opt for energy boosting products to hold out until spring.
  • Choose shower gels loaded with energizing benefits. Raspberry Peppermint, Pomegranate Pink Peppercorn, or Mango Cilantro: there are plenty of options for a revitalizing shower.
  • Also consider applying a toning lotion morning and night to restore radiance and tone to the skin and prep it for any treatments.
  • As for make-up, don’t forget your eyebrows! They are crucial to defining your eyes and structuring your face. Ask a professional for tips to find the brow shape that suits you best. Tweeze your brows, brush them, and use the Eyebrow Pencil. Apply the Eyebrow Mascara to set them in place.

Our last recommendation for the month? The temperatures are rising, which is even more of an excuse to put on your sneakers and go for a run, ride your bike, or just simply walk.

Come back in the spring for another beauty calendar!


Did you enjoy our beauty calendar? Tell us in the comments!


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