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Yves Rocher

Everything for your nails!

Discover our Go Green products for a perfect manicure routine and the most beautiful nails!

As with your face or body, your hands also need a care routine. You can't just improvise to get beautiful nails! Follow this guide to discover our new Go Green products and learn how to use them, so you're stunning right down to your fingertips in just a few quick steps!

Step 1) Nails in Top Shape

Before applying nail polish, we recommend taking care of your nails. Start your manicure by trimming your nails with clippers and finish off with a nail file.

For your cuticles, the Go Green Oil Elixir is the ideal product: made of 100% ingredients from natural origin, it moisturizes and intensely nourishes cuticles while beautifying your nails.

For the best results, apply the oil elixir and massage it into and around the nail using the applicator. For beautiful, glowing and healthy-looking nails, repeat this application every night and leave on overnight. Its formula is enriched with jojoba oil and sweet almond oil as well as its texture transforms your nail care into a delightful moment!

Go Green Oil Elixir by Yves Rocher

Step 2) The Magical Trio for Perfect Nails

Using a base is key to protecting and strengthening your nails. The new Go Green Base Coat is rich in a bamboo extract and 93% ingredients from natural origin, forming a solid film to reduce the risk of breakage. It also prevents nails from splitting as quickly and helps them be more resistant to everyday damage.

Apply a thin layer of the base coat and allow it to dry thoroughly for better adhesion of the polish.

Once your nails are protected, choose a Go Green color like Pearly Camelia, Black Cherry, Tangy Red, Succulent Blue, etc., the choice is yours!

Once your nail polish is dry, apply the Go Green Gel Effect Top Coat for a smooth and even finish. Formulated with 90% ingredients from natural origin, it allows you to achieve an intensified shine like a gel polish. Its texture protects your polish and makes it last longer.

Go Green Products by Yves Rocher

For those who are impatient or in a hurry, the Go Green Quick Drying Drop with its 100% ingredients from natural origin is made for you! Using its pipette, place 1 or 2 drops of the product in the center of the nail. Your nails will be dry and shiny in the blink of an eye! It's the essential product to add to your nail routine, get your hands on it quick!


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