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Yves Rocher

All about our new complexion products

All the questions you may have about our new complexion range!

Help me, which foundation should I choose?

Our new vegan foundations replace and improve our older products. How do we do it? By pushing naturalness to the max, and adding shades to ensure there's something for everyone.
The Yves Rocher Zéro Défaut foundation is made with 97% of ingredients from natural origin, without compromising on performance and care, for a fresh, natural, second-skin finish and a complexion moisturized for 24H**.
Super Mat foundation contains rebalancing Boreal tea powder* to conceal imperfections and even out the complexion. It provides high coverage and comfort with its 86% skin care base formula.
Plein Éclat foundation contains an antipollution formula enriched with Aphloïa, which improves radiance and protects against blue light. Instantly, the complexion is evened out, brightened and skin texture refined. The complexion is fresh, radiant and less dull day after day.
**Clinical study based on 13 cases
*In vitro tests

New in 2024: The Zéro Défaut

Discover the new Zéro Défaut foundation, a revolution for a perfect, even and moisturized complexion all day long in 24 shades! Its formula provides flawless, adjustable coverage to conceal imperfections and smooth wrinkles for a beautified complexion, with a second-skin finish that lasts up to 12 hours*.
Its ultra-sensorial texture is easy to work with and won't emphasize dry areas, letting skin breathe. Made with 97% of ingredients from natural origin, this foundation is enriched with chamomile water to nourish and moisturize skin for 24 hours**.
The remaining 3% is made up of ingredients that help stabilize the formula, as well as a soft, light cotton flower fragrance. Choose Zéro Défaut foundation and confidently enhance your natural beauty!
*Clinical study based on 12 cases
**Objectivated clinical study on 13 cases
Shake bottle before use.
For medium coverage, take one pump of foundation. Apply five dabs of foundation to the face: forehead, nose, chin, cheeks. Smooth outwards from face to neck, using a brush, sponge or finger. For high coverage, repeat application.
92%*** of women say that the makeup result on their skin is natural.
90%*** of women say that the foundation is comfortable all day long and does not dry out their skin.
***Satisfaction study conducted on 107 women over 14 days.

How do I know my skin tone?

Faced with the choice of complexion products, you're totally lost .... How to choose the right shade of foundation or concealer?
If you have fair, VERY FAIR skin. The sun is not your friend; it makes you blush, but not in a good way. So you have dewy skin!
Even though you're fair-skinned, you still get a nice tan after a few days out in the sun. So, no doubt about it, you're part of the beige team!
If your skin is naturally matte, you'll get a beautiful bronzed look from your first day in the sun. Your skin is golden!
If you have mixed-race skin, your skin is black. Whether you have a slightly yellow or red undertone, turn to the brown undertone shades in our ranges!

The look of illuminators, blush and complexion powder

The illuminating stick illuminates areas of the face to boost the radiance of your complexion. Available in 2 radiant shades: pink and bronze.
Enhance your complexion and give it a healthy glow with blush, available in 6 vibrant shades to warm, highlight and beautify.
The loose powder or foundation powder is available in 2 shades, mattifying the complexion with a natural finish. Modular coverage to even out and perfect the complexion.

What's the difference between a concealer and color corrector?

What's the difference between a concealer and color corrector?
While both are used to cover imperfections or discolorations, they don't have exactly the same function.
Color correctors are used to counter skin discoloration. By contrasting the color you want to hide with the color of the corrector, concealing discoloration becomes very simple. You no longer need to apply multiple layers of concealer to cover a dark circle, blemish or redness. Especially since a lighter shade of concealer usually enhances the texture of the blemish. Once the discoloration has been reduced using a color corrector, simply apply foundation or a classic concealer to hide the corrective color.
As you can see, the corrector conceals imperfections and evens out the complexion. It can be used alone or with foundation. Its creamy texture guarantees long-lasting hold and won't gather in fine lines.
Concealer brightens the eyes and conceals dark circles. Often more liquid than a concealer, its light texture covers and brightens the eyes without leaving making the undereye feel heavy. No more tired-looking eyes!

What is the Illuminating Primer used for?

The Illuminating Primer has a dual purpose.
It can first be applied after moisturizing cream and before foundation, evenly over the face to prepare skin and provide radiance. It can be applied directly with a finger, brush or sponge.
If you prefer a more matte finish, but still want to add a touch of light, you can apply the base only to those parts of the face that already naturally catch the light, such as the temples, bridge of the nose, cheekbones and so on.


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