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Yves Rocher

DIY: Graphic Holiday Trees for a Festive Table

For a Scandinavian ambiance, decorate your Holiday table with pretty graphic paper trees.

  • Thick paper

  • Pencil and eraser

  • Scissors

  • Tape

  • Small gold spray paint can 

(You can find all these items in art supply stores or big box stores).


Take a thick enough sheet of paper and trace the model with the pencil.

You can also fold the sheet in two lengthwise and create all sorts of trees, just try to keep the shapes graphic and simple.


 Cut out the model with the scissors. You can also fold the sheet in two to cut it in order to have a perfectly symmetrical result.

Using another sheet of paper and tape, hide part of the tree and spray paint it gold.

Make sure to properly protect your work area to avoid paint splatters, if possible, do it outside. Wait until the paint is completely dry before removing the sheet to prevent the paint from running.

Put the trees on pretty napkins on your Holiday table. You can write your guests’ names on them; and they can serve as place settings. You can also embellish with beautiful botanical elements found in a park or forest.




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