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Yves Rocher

Choosing the Perfect Mascara

Mascara is a must to make the most of your eyes. Do you know how to choose the one that is right for you?

Choose the mascara that meets your needs

To select the ideal mascara, first identify what kind of lashes you have. Are your lashes thin, short or straight? The good news is that there’s a perfect mascara to fulfill your beauty wishes. For thin lashes, choose a volumizing formula. For short lashes, a lengthening mascara will give you the flirty fringe you long for. And, if your lashes are straight, a curling mascara is best for you. Lucky for you, we have 3 new mascaras! All are enriched with nourishing castor oil, and cornflower water for even the most sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. So, let’s choose the mascara that’s right for you!


Get the lashes you want with our newest mascaras!

Want lush, voluminous lashes? You got it! If your lashes need a defined volume boost, choose our extraordinary Volume Mascara. Its fiber brush coats each lash and is designed to reach upper and lower lashes with precision and definition for unbelievable volume. And, its vegan* formula is composed of 83% naturally-derived ingredients. But that’s not all! You can  reapply this amazing, non-clumping formula to your heart’s content for a natural, yet ultra-voluminous effect.                             

Why choose between volume and curl? You don’t have to now, when you choose our superb Curl Mascara. Its clever, curved brush separates and coats and curls your lashes. Its intensely black, creamy formula of 85% natural ingredients results in the most stunning, curled lashes that also last!                                                                                                                                                                              

Our Length Mascara creates thick, lengthened and defined lashes. Its flexible conical brush lets you catch and coat each lash with the ultimate precision for lengthening results. It vegan* formula, composed of 83% ingredients of natural origin, will define and lengthen your lashes like never before.

*Product formulated with no animal derivatives


For perfect application, follow these tips:

  • Avoid clumps by removing any excess mascara from the tip of your brush before applying.
  • Be sure to coat the roots of your lashes. To facilitate this, try positioning your mirror so it is at the bottom of your face and look down into the mirror.
  • Smudged your skin? Wait for mascara to dry, then rub with a dry cotton swab. Everything disappears!
  • For super volume effect, apply mascara from root to tips with a zig-zag movement.
  • Want ultra-curled lashes? Apply mascara from root to tips by twirling the wand.