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Yves Rocher

How can you take care of sensitive skin?

Having your skin be less sensitive isn't impossible! Discover our tips to care for your sensitive skin, especially with our Sensitive Chamomile line.

How can I know if my skin is sensitive ?

Itching, redness or tightness... Your skin feels uncomfortable on a daily basis, characteristic sign of sensitive skin.

Your skin may naturally be more delicate but climate change, pollution, the use of non-adapted cosmetic products or even hormonal variations can also affect the skin barrier and make skin more reactive.

Embrace the beauty of your sensitive skin with adapted care products for stronger skin.

camomille yves rocher

Sensitive skin: we’re getting stronger !

To soothe and strengthen sensitive skin, making it more resistant, Yves Rocher has the solution! You no longer have to suffer because of sensitive skin, our Sensitive Camomille and Pure Camomille lines are here to help.

A duo of 100% plant-based extract ingredients from Wild Chamomile, hydrosol and oleate, characterizes the Sensitive Camomille line. This double extract is at the heart of highly natural and sensorial formulas for an innovative effectiveness on sensitive skin. The hydrosol reduces skin sensitivity by 28% and the oleate boosts the skin's defenses by 25% and its repair mechanisms by 30%* thanks to a hydrating action.

This guarantees all the comfort your skin deserves and the line contains no silicone, alcohol, fragrance or mineral oils and is made from more than 97% ingredients of natural origin.

*In vitro tests

camomille yves rocher

Embrace a 100% Chamomile beauty routine

1. Gently cleanses your skin
To be used at the start of your routine, the Pure Camomille Cleansing Cream gently cleanses the skin without drying it out while effectively cleaning it. Apply by massaging with your fingertips onto dry skin, eyes and lips, then rinse off.
If you prefer to use a cotton pad, use the Pure Camomille Micellar Water to clean and remove make-up and impurities in single stroke.
camomille yves rocher
2. Normal skin, soothe and moisturize:
Choose the Soothing Light Cream to relieve tightness and redness. After a month of use in the morning and at night, you will be pleased to see your skin is reinforced and less reactive.
You will also enjoy the comforting and natural fragrance of chamomile and its light texture which penetrates quickly.
3. In case of redness, even out skin:
The Corrective Green Cream corrects and reduces redness thanks to its green color while hydrating the skin. After a month of use, your skin is reinforced and less sensitive.
You can apply in the morning on its own on the entire face or apply locally to red spots on top of your usual day cream.
And that’s it, thanks to this routine, you are able to strengthen your skin !
camomille yves rocher

So what do you think of our new Sensitive Chamomile product lines? Are you ready to strengthen your skin ? Tell us in the comments !


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