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Yves Rocher

Anti-Age Global, the ultimate regenerating care

10 million precious molecules in each jar.

Discover the power of 3 care products within ONE ULTIMATE REGENERATING CARE : day cream, night cream & night mask.

The 1st* multi-purpose and multi-correction anti-aging care that fights against all signs of aging on face, neck and neckline.
8 signs of aging look corrected: regeneration – firmness – density – nutrition – evenness – radiance – face sculpting – neck & neckline reshaping for skin that is beautified in 1 night and looks regenerated in 5 days.
Because buds contain all the power of the future plants, Yves Rocher drew inspiration from the science of the bud for its NEW REGENERATING CARE, as it is the case for the entire Anti-Âge Global product line. At Yves Rocher laboratories, our botanists and phyto-analysts came together to produce an unprecedented anti-aging ingredient, developed using bio-inspiration.
*at Yves Rocher


Buds are remarkable as they contain BOTANICAL CELLS WITH UNIQUE REGENERATIVE POWERS. They alone have the capacity to create all parts of a plant (leaves, flowers, fruit, and stems) and unparalleled molecular richness (vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients).
After considering several different trees, we selected a flower bud from the Syringa vulgaris, a tree protected in a botanical garden, after having discovered its unique concentration of an anti-aging molecule, verbascoside. The bud was extracted in full bloom to ensure optimal concentration.


Yves Rocher scientists have selected a patented botanical biotechnological process which, by using a single Syringa bud sample, allows us to select, multiply and enrich botanical regenerating cells with verbascoside - a powerful anti-aging polyphenol.
Then, our scientists carried out a process for fragmenting these cells so that they release their precious content and produce an innovative anti-aging ingredient: the BOTANICAL BUD NECTAR.
Therefore, this high technology process preserves natural resources by avoiding the sourcing of live plant buds that are essential for their development.
7 years of research in botanical biotechnology and cell-aging / 3 patents*
The BOTANICAL BUD NECTAR works at the core of skin for an exceptional regeneration of its appearance within 72h** and improves its cohesion to recreate perfect harmony therefore contributing to a global anti-aging action.
The appearance of skin is durably regenerated, it is revitalized, and all signs of aging seem corrected.
*Registered in France.
** In vitro test.


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