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Yves Rocher

Welcome to Angèle’s Kitchen

(video in French)

Angèle tells us about her passion for cooking that has developed in the course of her travels and experiences. For her, eating well is much more than a necessity, it’s part of her daily life: by eating healthy, we respect our body and the entire food chain.

Her greatest wish is for people to make conscientious choices about the food they eat. Through her project, she conveys her values about eating as well as human beings. She believes in being healthy and we can’t help but let her show us the way!

To taste her delicious dishes, if you're ever visiting Paris, make your way to her two addresses:  Le Take Away, 34 Rue Coquillère–Paris I and Le Salon De Thé, 2 Rue du Général Renault –Paris XI.

If you want to find out more about her tips and recipes, go to her website