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Yves Rocher

Together, let’s take action for nature!

We have been supporting the Yves Rocher Foundation for over 30 years. Togo, France, Netherlands, the Yves Rocher Foundation is mobilizing around the world to preserve natural ressources and ecosystems.
Over 120 millions trees planted, more than a million people involved by its side and 40 countries of actions.

Discover the Yves Rocher Foundation's projects.


The equivalent of 800 football pitches of forest disappears every hour. Nearly 420 million hectares of forest have been wiped off the face of the earth since 1990…
The power of trees and collective action are two key solutions to tackling climate change and biodiversity erosion. This is why with our Plant For Life programme and the unwavering support of our sponsor Yves Rocher, we are working alongside 60 partner NGOs worldwide.
Together, we have already planted more than 120 million trees with the aim of restoring animal and plant biodiversity, creating jobs and hoping for a better future.
Here you will find some examples of our projects around the world:Be a Sponsor of Nature - Fondation Yves Rocher.

France : Planting hedges to save our countries

Since Jacques Rocher met Sylvie Monier, member of Afac-Agroforesteries and winner of the Terre de Femmes Prize, the Yves Rocher Foundation has become aware of  the vital challenge of replanting hedges.
In 11 years, five million trees have been planted in France with the support of 18,000 people, including the Yves Rocher employees who came to lend us a hand.
Today, faced with the urgency of the situation, we have decided to join forces by creating the Fonds pour l’Arbre tree fund, which brings together yet more sponsors in order to scale up and deploy ever more hedges across France.

Togo : Women embracing agroforestry

The project in Togo would not exist without Kwami and his Youth for a Green Nature association which promotes agroforestry and the planting of one million trees across the country. 20 villages are involved for a total of 2,500 families and 150 women.
They aim to produce 5 tonnes of healthy vegetables to feed their families and to sell on, thereby improving their living conditions and income.

The Netherlands: Forest gardens to nourish and build awareness

Feeding the community and cultivating the land without encroaching on biodiversity is the challenge that Heg & Landschap and Jan set themselves by developing a food forest.
A large community of farmers, collectives and children have become part of the adventure. Their aim is to grow as many species of trees and plants as possible to feed people sustainably as well as to invite the public to come and harvest the fruits of their labour, thus giving them the chance to benefit from nature’s generosity.

Italy : Trees for sustainable agriculture

In Italy, intensive agriculture and soil artificialisation have led to the gradual disappearance of wooded areas. The AVEPROBI association and its farmers’ collective opted to join forces to reflect on a more sustainable approach to agriculture.
The objective: to plant new hedges teeming with 73 different native and local plant species that foster animal biodiversity and pollinating insects. The Yves Rocher Foundation has committed to supporting the cause by funding the planting of 24,000 trees on 30 farms and holdings.

We are proud to support the Yves Rocher Foundation. 

Discover the Yves Rocher Foundation actions


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