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Yves Rocher

A look back on our favorites from 2023!

Multi-purpose facial care, new haircare routines, nature-inspired bath and body rituals... a look back on the innovations that marked our year.


100 hours of hydration in a large format multi-purpose face care (2.5fl. oz) that can be applied as a day cream in the morning, a night cream in the evening, or as an overnight mask in case your skin feels tight and uncomfortable—this is THE promise of the new Intense Moisturizing Care from the Hydra Végétal line!

Our Yves Rocher botanists drew inspiration from a succulent plant with a remarkable water mechanism: Edulis. They’ve demonstrated an action mimicking mechanism between water storage in the plant and the effect of Edulis cellular water extract on skin. Its triple hydrating action stores water deep within skin*, distributes it across all layers of the epidermis*, and minimizes its evaporation* for continuous hydration.

From the first application, skin is intensely moisturized, fresh, and radiant. Dehydration lines appear reduced. Within 1 month, skin is smoothed, radiant, and plumped.

Learn more about Hydra Végétal and the Intense Moisturizing Care.

FOCUS on the uncompromising new formulations of our hair care products

Our new hair care line is now WITHOUT SULFATES OR SILICONES.

Because it's possible to take care of the health of our scalp and the beauty of our hair fibers without casting a shadow on the planet!

Offering a lineup of sulfate-free shampoos to provide all hair types with a gentle wash, while respecting the scalp and hair fiber, is the choice we made in 2023.

To maintain the sensorial experience and lathering effect of our shampoos, we have opted for sulfate-free surfactants from botanical origin, such as coconut oil or sunflower oil.

Given our keen attention to the biodegradability of our ingredients and the impact of our rinse-off cleansing and/or foaming formulas on the environment, our new hair care line has also been reformulated to be 100% SILICONE FREE.

Discover our entire hair care line.

The shining icon: organic raspberry vinegar rinse
Hair coloring isn't without its impact on our hair: the scales of the hair fiber must open to allow color absorption, which can weaken the hair fiber, especially with frequent coloring.
Over time, not only does the color lose its intensity and radiance, but repeated washes and environmental aggressors (oxidation, sun exposure, pollution, etc.) compound the undesirable effects on colored hair, making it dull.
At Yves Rocher, we have developped a new hair care product to counter these effects and revive the natural shine of hair: the raspberry vinegar rinsing lotion.
With our unique understanding of the botanical world, our Botanical Beauty researchers have chosen RASPBERRY VINEGAR for its anti-limestone properties. Known since ancient times for its effectiveness, it neutralizes the limestone present in water, which can dull the hair fiber with each shampoo.
Combined with our new hair care routine dedicated to colored hair, enriched with Calendula-infused oil* to smooth the hair fiber** and help reflect light, our new vinegar rinse with organic raspberry will reveal the shine of our hair.
*Only in the conditioner and mask.
**Instrumental tests on strands of hair.

BAIN DE NATURE : bath and body care

Discover our new Bain de Nature collection, sulfate-free, silicone-free, natural, and ultra-sensory bath & body rituals with fragrances inspired by Nature.

Focus on our 3 signature scents representing the birthplace of the brand: Brittany.

Wild Algae and Sea Fennel

Immerse yourself in the invigorating sensations of the wild Breton coast with formulas that carry a marine, fresh, and toning scent, enriched with algae from Brittany and sea fennel extracts.

Meadow Flower and Heather

Let yourself be guided by the relaxing sensations of a stroll through the Breton moors with formulas featuring a floral and honeyed fragrance, enriched with broom from Brittany and wild heather extracts.

Oat and Buckwheat

Choose the comforting sensations of a walk through the Breton grain fields with formulas boasting a unique, indulgent, and enveloping scent, enriched with oat and buckwheat extracts.

Vanilla, mango, coconut, argan... Experience different facets of nature with the rest of our addictive scents, totaling 13, for moisturized and delicately perfumed skin.

The new Bain de Nature collection includes a multitude of skin care products – such as bath and shower gels, body scrubs, moisturizing lotions, and hand creams – all while respecting the planet: our formulas contain no sulfates, silicones, colorants, parabens, or phenoxyethanol.

Discover our BAIN DE NATURE line.


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