Repair Lotion
Extra Dry Skin

Pamper your dry skin every day.

The comfort of a rich, thick yet non-greasy lotion to nourish and smooth
even the driest skin. Your skin is less irritated, softer and visibly radiant.

Apply everyday over your entire body, starting with your legs.


More supple skin: 100%*.

* Satisfaction tests of 27 women during a 1-month period.

5.0 fl.oz. Tube / 150 ml


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Repair Balm
extra Dry Skin

Intense relief for your dry skin.
This rich, creamy balm formula intensely nourishes and repairs very dry
or damaged skin. Your skin is nourished and soothed - just like new!

Apply everyday.


92%* instantly and lastingly nourished skin.

* Scientific tests on 12 women, immediatly and 6 hours after application.

5.0 fl.oz. Jar / 150 ml


100% Organic Shea Butter
Intense Repair Concentrate

100% Shea butter for very dry patches.
This 100% Shea butter is a genuine botanical concentrate that
instantly heals damaged skin.

Apply on very dry patches of skin (elbows, knees, hands, feet, etc.) as
often as needed.


81%* noted a reparative effect on the driest areas.

* Satisfaction tests of 27 women during a 1-month period.

1.52 fl.oz. Jar / 45 ml