A unique combination of an incredibly feminine
infusion of the Tuberose with essential oil of Vetiver
and Patchouli in a magnetic floral woody elixir.
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Eau de parfum

1.7 fl.oz./ 50 ml spray

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Eau de parfum

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Eau de parfum

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Perfumed Bath and
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The unprecedented combination of Tuberose and Vetiver


The scent of the Tuberose flower is rich and captivating. With its facets that are at once fruity, milky, honey-kissed, with hints of jasmine and orange, its infusion leaves behind a mesmerizing and ultra-addictive note.


The scent of Vetiver is one of contrasts: in turn raw and warm, dry and mellow, earthy and smoky. Its essential oil adds elegance and a lively spirit to the fragrance.

A fragrance creation faceted by Bergamot,
Benzoin and Patchouli


The scent of Bergamot is vibrant and sparkling. Its essential oil offers a burst of freshness and radiance that illuminates the fragrance.


The aroma of Benzoin releases vanilla-kissed, resinous tones with sweet and spicy accents. Its essential oil provides warmth and rich sensuality.


Patchouli exhales an enveloping scent, a blend of wood mixed with the richness of fertile land. Its essence signals the strength and depth of the fragrance.