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Sensitive Skin Care Collection
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Elixir 7.9 7 plants – 9 patents
Smooth 1st wrinkles and signs of fatigue
Because plants are the largest energy source of the living world, Yves Rocher Research has created Elixir 7.9 Complex, a combination of 7 plants* extracts renowned for their anti-aging power through 9 patents. This unique complex boosts the energy centres of the skin cells, which produce the energy required to remain youthful.
Results: four times more youth proteins**.

* Active ingredients from seven plants: Aphloia mangiferin, tara seed extract, green rice inositol, apple oligosides, glycine betaine, sandthorn seed extract, aloe vera polysaccharides.
** Test in vitro.
Elixir 7.9

Sensitive Skin Care Collection

A complete anti-aging youth energy program.

Get a complete anti-aging Youth Energy program for your skin type!
The Youth Energy Sensitive Skin Care Collection includes:
- Youth Energy Day Care - Sensitive Skin, Elixir 7.9, 1.3 fl.oz. / 40 ml Jar,
- Youth Energy Care - Night, Elixir 7.9, 1.3 fl.oz. / 40 ml Jar,

- Youth Energy Eye Care Roll-On, Elixir 7.9, 0.5 fl.oz. / 15 ml Tube.

1 Collection purchased = 3 Trees planted
As part of the campaign initiated by United Nations Environment Programme’s (UNEP), Yves Rocher has committed to plant 50 million trees before the end of 2015. Yves Rocher plants trees where it is needed most and works in collaboration with well-established local Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs).
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