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Eye Smoothing Roll-on
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Red vine
The secret of the action of red vine polyphenols against fatigue
With its many branches, tendrils and veins, the grapevine is a plant with a dense and resistant network. Traditionally known for its vein-toning properties, its leaf contains Polyphenols, which are capable of strengthening the resistance of small blood vessels in skin. A significant stimulant of cutaneous microcirculation, it promotes the irrigation of revitalizing nutrients in skin. Signs of fatigue disappear. Skin’s youthfulness is preserved.

“Fatigue accelerates skin aging. The source of the problem: a slowing down of microcirculation. Yves Rocher Research has chosen powerful microcirculation stimulants for skin: grapevigne polyphenols (+30% microcirculation).”Claude Fromageot – Yves Rocher R & D Director
Revives your eyes in one simple step!


The users approve of Eye Smoothing Roll-on eye care treatment:
- 81%* eyes no longer look tired,

* Percentage of satisfaction. Self-evaluation of 27 volunteers after 1 month.
Cure Solutions

Eye Smoothing Roll-on

Revives your eyes in one simple step!

3 ultra-precious beads for a targeted and effective eye contour massage.

The ultra fresh gel formula of the eye contour treatment Eye Smoothing Roll-on:
- Smoothes wrinkles
- Reduces dark circles
- Diminishes undereye bags.

The Plus: A green texture that instantly conceals dark circles and leaves behind a feeling of intense freshness. Eyes appear less tired. Effect noted by 81%* of women.
Tested under dermatological and ophthalmological supervision.

0.5 fl.oz. Tube / 15 ml

* Percentage of satisfaction. Self-evaluation of 27 women after 1 month.

REF : 12142

Tube: 15 ml

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