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Rose, Rose, Rose

«This fragrance is pure color, there is nothing dark about it.»

Annick Menardo’s idea for this new Yves Rocher fragrance: a green floral, fresh and feminine with personality.
«This is a colorful fragrance with a burst of green and fresh head notes that reveal a floral heart around the Rose Centifolia from Grasse, one of the most beautiful qualities of rose.
For this floral heart, I’ve used an absolute and an infusion of Rose Centifolia:
- The Rose Centifolia absolute for its rich scent, which reveals facets that are in turn, honeyed, spicy and delicately green.
- Rose Centifolia infusion for its crystalline tones. It is like the imprint of a Rose, which delicately conserves all its beauty and femininity.
Finally, the woody base with notes of Patchouli and Cedar add a vibrant effect that underscores the elegance of this fragrance»