Volumize and fortify
your lashes day after day!


Volume Elixir Mascara

Yves Rocher Botanical Beauty Research combined a volumizing texture with Hibiscus Peptides that reinforce and repair the lashes*. Its new fluid cream formula visibly thickens lashes without weighing them down and guarantees impeccable wear all day long.

0.3 fl. oz./9 ml tube

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*In vitro tests.


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Conical brush with double fibers

-The soft fiber applies the texture for immediate volume without clump.

-The slightly more rigid fiber grabs the lashes from base to tip to better define them.

-Its conic shape allows for a precise application of the mascara on the inner and outer corners of the eye as well as lower lashes.




The Possibility Of Endless Looks!


Quad Eyeshadow Sumptuous Colors

Yves Rocher reinvents the smoky eye with its new eyeshadow combinations featuring four effects for endless customized options. Use them dry to reveal shimmering, satin or matte effects. Used wet, however, the shimmer and satin hues will turn metallic.

4 x 0.05 oz./1.2 g compact

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*In Vitro tests.

Sophisticated Pink

1. Highlight the entire eyelid, applying color no. 1
using the double-ended foam brush or Eye Crease Brush.

2. Apply color no. 2 from the lash to the crease.

3. Sculpt the eye, applying color no. 3 along the upper
lash line’s outer corner. Then blend the shadow upwards
and outwards to achieve a perfect gradient look.

4. Underline your eyes with shadow no. 4 as a liner along the edge of the upper and lower lashes using the beveled tip.

Dazzling Green

Subtle Aquatic

Deep Grey

Luminous Blue

Sophisticated Pink

Incandescent Brown

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For an expert application!

« I want shading effects
and adaptable coverage! »

Eye Crease Brush

This brush lets us apply medium to dark powdered eyeshadows to inner and outer corners and create gradations of color.

5.5”/14 cm long, Ref. 71586

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« I want a smooth effect
and ultimate coverage! »

Angled Eye Brush

This brush is perfect to apply liquid or cream eyeshadows and eyeliner at the base of the lashes to enlarge the eyes and create a sophisticated look.

5.5”/14 cm long, Ref. 71259

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« I want an intense gaze
and a result I can adapt! »

Foam-tip Brush

This brush is ideal to apply light to dark powdered eye shadows from the upper eyelid to the eyebrow and obtain either a transparent result or one with more coverage.

14 cm long, Ref. 82335

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Perfectly Outlined Eyes!



Try a fluid and covering eyeliner with a new precise and fine soft tip. It will give you a uniform and even line. Plus you’ll enjoy intense, elegant and long-lasting color.

0.09 fl. oz./2.5 ml tube

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Sparkling Black

Silver-sequin effect!

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