Flaunt electric color with this
Purple Look, whether your eyes
are hazel, green or blue,
this Look is sure to suit you!

Lighten up your dark areas with our Radiant Youth Corrector Pen. Then using
our Foundation Brush, apply the Youthful Glow Foundation starting in the
center of your face and blending it outwards to get a luminous and naturally
flawless complexion. Then, apply the Velvety Loose Powder with our
Powder Brush, paying special attention to your T-Zone (forehead, nose and chin).

Radiant Youth Corrector Pen

1.5 ml Pencil-brush

REF. 74263

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Youthful Glow Foundation

30 ml pump-bottle

REF. 06324

Velvety Loose Powder

20 g jar + puff

REF. 52082

Apply a thick line of Waterproof Eye Pencil - Violet to your upper and lower lash lines to create an intense base for your eye look. Then, use our Angled Eye Brush and blend the color upper on your eyelid. Set the pencil line with the Single Eyeshadow Intense Color- Dark Violet on your upper and lower lash line blending it outwards. Then apply the Single Eyeshadow Intense Color - Pastel Violet to your eyelid.

Waterproof Eye Pencil

0.3 g pencil

REF. 36530

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Single Eyeshadow Intense Color

Dark Violet
3 g compact

REF. 56128

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Single Eyeshadow Intense Color

Pastel Violet
3 g compact

REF. 71548

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Define your eyes by applying one coat of our Sexy Pulp Lash Plumping Mascara - Black, waiting 30 seconds and then applying a second coat.

Sexy Pulp Lash Plumping

9 ml tube

REF. 87489

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Before you apply the Grand Rouge Lipstick - Powdery Pink, outline your lips with the Colorless Lip Liner, then blend inwards with the Lip Liner. Finally, paint your nails to emphasize the color of your eyes by opting for the Nail Lacquer - Eggplant.

Grand Rouge Lipstick

Powdery Pink
3,7 g stick

REF. 89595

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Sparkling Pink

Automatic Lip Liner

0.3 g Pencil

REF. 06816

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picto-best picto--15%
$12.70 instead of
Dark Red

Nail Lacquer

5,5 ml bottle

REF. 67349

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Foundation Brush

REF. 70458

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Powder Brush

REF. 68820

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Foundation Sponge

REF. 68612

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Angled Eye Brush

REF. 71259

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Foam-Tip Brush

REF. 82335

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Lip Brush

REF. 69812

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Yves Rocher Makeup Advisor

Don't hesitate to apply the Radiant Youth Corrector Pen to both
the inner and outer corners of your eyes to highlight them.