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Foundation Brush
Foundation Brush
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Deposit some foundation onto the back of your hand.
Work the texture with the brush tip to warm it.

Using the brush, apply 5 touches of foundation to your face (forehead, nose, cheeks and chin). Blend it with back-and-forth movements to avoid demarcations along the jaw and hairline. Don't forget the sides of your nose and the inner corners of your eyes.

Bonus tip: after applying the texture to your eyelids with the brush, tap the brush on your finger to avoid getting the foundation in folds of the eyelids. Remember to powder your face to set your foundation, making it last longer.

Maintenance tips: to keep your brush new for a long time, clean it regularly with a mild shampoo and warm water. After rinsing, wrap the brush tip in a towel to remove excess water. Then place it flat and let it air dry.

Make-up Accessories

Foundation Brush

Smooth complexion, Natural coverage

A brush in synthetic hair for applying liquid and cream foundations and smoothing the complexion. Its long hairs allow spreading the foundation across the face and delicately smoothing it, thus resulting in a natural look. The foundation brush is particularly recommended for women who do not like to apply foundation with their fingers.

The plus: A rounded shape and synthetic hairs for a delicate, uniform application of color and a natural result.
Indispensable and affordable products, at fixed prices all year.

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