Fight 1st wrinkles and
signs of fatigue*

*In terms of appearance.

In 1 day: Skin appears re-energized.
In 1 week: 1st wrinkles appear smoothed.
In 1 month: Skin appears radiant with youth.

Youth Intensifier Serum

30 ml bottle with dripper, Ref. 19566

More concentrated in botanical ingredients than
regular skin cares, this is a powerful, highly effective
serum with a light, penetrating texture. To use, under
your usual skin care or as an intensive treatment.

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Find the Youth Energy Day Care for your skin!

Youth Energy Day Care

– Normal to Combination Skin

40 ml Jar, Ref. 07157

For you if :
- Your skin’s texture is irregular
- You don’t feel any particular discomfort
- Your nose, forehead and chin shine
while your cheeks are dry

The + : Its moisturizing texture
combines the comfort of a cream
with the freshness of a gel.

Result : 3 out of 4 women noted
re-energized skin.*

*Usage test carried out on 202 women
during a 1-month period


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Youth Energy Day Care

– Dry Skin

40 ml Jar, Ref. 10029

For you if :
-Your skin feels tight, especially
after cleansing
-Your skin is not soft or supple
-Your skin is peeling in places

The + : Its lush moisturizing foam
formula, enriched with Shea Butter
deeply nourishes your skin.

Result : 7 out of every 10 women noted nourished and re-energized skin.*

*usage test carried out on 50 women during a 1-month period


Youth Energy Day Care

– Sensitive Skin

40 ml Jar, Ref. 13591

For you if :
-You have red patches
-Your skin has reactions
-Your skin itches and feels warm

The + : It offers fragrance-free
comfort in a gentle formula
for sensitive skin.

Result : Skin is smoothed and
re-energized for 79% of women.*

*usage test carried out on 22 women
during a 1-month period



Luminosity Reactivator

30 ml bottle with dripper, Ref. 61261

The Luminosity Reactivator smoothes the 1st wrinkles and
revives dull complexions by giving skin a boost of light, thanks
to the combination of the Elixir 7.9 Complex with Light-Botanical
Technology. Used alone or after your Day Care.


Youth Energy Care – Night

40 ml jar, Ref. 12141

The Youth Energy Care – Night works while you sleep
to recharge your skin with youthful energy. Your skin
enjoys a restorative rest while you sleep.


Youth Energy
Eye Care Roll-On

15 ml tube, Ref. 23635

Thanks to its refreshing gel texture and the icy effect
given by its metallic 3-bead applicator,
your eyes are illuminated and your
wrinkles smoothed.

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Refill Youth Energy Care –
Normal to Combination Skin

Recharge 40 ml, Ref. 15529

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Refill Youth Energy Care –
dry skin

Recharge 40 ml, Réf. 18150


Refill Youth Energy Care –

Recharge 40 ml, Ref. 16852