The Wrinkles & Firmness program
is the one you need if:

  • Your skin is less firm to the touch.
  • Your skin is less resilient.
  • Your wrinkles are pronounced.
  • Your skin lacks density and doesn’t feel as plump as it once did.

Wrinkles & Firmness Ultra Plumping Serum

1.0 fl. oz. Pump-bottle / 30 ml

Upon application:

  • Instantly tightens your features.
  • Immediately smooths wrinkles and fine lines.

Proven performance:

81% of women found their skin looked firmer!*

Directions: Apply daily under your usual skin care.

Tested under dermatological supervision
Contains no paraben, mineral oil or colorant


*Satisfaction test conducted on 63 women after
1 month's use (twice a day) following directions.


Day + Night

1.0 fl. oz. Tube / 30 ml

Upon application:

  • Reduces the look of deep wrinkles.

After 1 month:
Skin is intensely smoother, firmer and appears younger.

Proven performance:

85% of women obtained a reduction in wrinkle depth.*

Directions: Apply morning and night to the face and neck instead of your usual skin care.

Tested under dermatological supervision
Paraben free

picto-best picto-241

*Instrumental measure performed on 20 women.
Average variation in wrinkle depth: -11%.


0.47 fl.oz. Tube / 14 ml

Upon application:

  • Instantly smoothes and fades wrinkles at the corner of
    your eyes.
  • Plumps up the wrinkles of the corner of your eyes thanks
    to its filling formula.

Proven performance:

90% of women obtained instant filling of crow’s feet*.

Directions: Apply each morning in specific areas by gently massaging it into the skin with its tip applicator.


*Targeted application on eye wrinkles.
Instrument-measured test on 22 women.
Average variation in wrinkle depth -14%..

Wrinkles & Firmness Plumping Force + Day

1.7 fl. oz. Jar / 50 ml.

Upon application:

  • Fills in pronounced wrinkles.
  • Restores bounce to the skin.
  • Moisturizes and protects the skin.

After 1 month:
This product effectively reduces the appearance of pronounced wrinkles and reactivates skin’s radiance.

Proven performance:

87% of women saw a visible decrease in the depth of their wrinkles.


*Effectiveness observed by instrument-measured
tests immediately after application.
Tested on 23 women. Average variation in wrinkle depth: -13.8%.

Wrinkles & Firmness PLUMPING FORCE + Night

1.7 fl.oz. Jar / 50 ml

While you sleep:

  • Fills in pronounced wrinkles from deep within.
  • Re-densifies and firms skin.

Proven performance:

81% of women noted that their skin was replumped.*

Apply every night on your face and neck with small circular movements from the interior to the exterior of your face.


*Satisfaction test conducted on 27 women after 1 month’s use.

cleansing milk smoothing action

6.7 fl.oz. / 200 ml Bottle

This velvety-smooth cleansing milk has a deep-down cleansing action to remove makeup and impurities while visibly smoothing the features for soft, radiant-looking skin.


Radiance lotion perfecting action

6.7 fl.oz. / 200 ml Bottle

This toning lotion is fresh and invigorating and is a vital step in completing the cleansing process. It leaves your skin feeling ‘like new’ and has a gentle micro-exfoliating action to revive the complexion and refine the texture of the skin.




cleansing wipes smoothing action

25 Wipes

These wipes were specially created to be extra gentle on the skin. They have a visible «uncrinkling» effect on the skin and an intensive rehydrating action.

picto-best picto--43%
$10.00 instead of

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