Nail polish

0.10 fl. oz. / 3 ml bottle

Super-trendy nail colors that
you don’t want to miss out on!
Collect all the shades so you
can mix and match to suit
your mood and the occasion.


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Retropical Crackle Nail Polish

Deep Blue!

0.10 fl. oz. / 3 ml bottle, Ref. 38060

Give your nails a cool graphic look with
this matte blue shade that goes on over
any nail polish, as a top coat, to create
numerous stylish combinations!


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Retropical Nail File

7” x 0.75” / 17.8 cm x 1.9 cm, Ref. 81904

Indispensable and affordable products, at fixed prices all year.

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Illuminating Pearls


1 oz. / 28 g compact, Ref. 37108

Using a large powder brush,
sweep the pearls and apply them
to your face and neck in circular
movements. The result is an even
golden glow!


This product is temporarily Out of Stock

Sunkissed Glow

Cheek Stain

0.5 fl. oz / 15 ml bottle, Ref. 37598

Take pride in a golden complexion all summer!
Use a cotton pad to apply this lightly tinted water
to the face and cleavage (avoiding eye contour).
Repeat until desired intensity is achieved.

$6.00 instead of

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Retropical Kohl Duo

2 x 0.02 oz. / 0.52 g pencil

Intensify and illuminate your eyes in a wink with
these two kohl duos: 4 up-to-the-minute tropical
tones to wear on their own or to mix-and-match
in order to suit your mood!


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Retropical Eye Pencil

0.11 oz. / 0.25 g pencil

Dare to dazzle this summer! Intense, luminous colors
with an ultra-comfy texture that allows both lining and
shadow effects.

$3.50 instead of
Pink Orchid

Retropical Eyeshadow Trio

1 x 0.06 oz. / 1 x 2 g – 2 x 0.03 oz. /
2 x 1 g compact, Ref. 49469

Mini compact, maximum trendiness!
Go for color this season with an
eyeshadow trio in tropical tones that
can be worn on their own or combined
for a bold effect!


Retropical Blue Lagoon Mascara

0.14 fl. oz. / 4 ml tube, Ref. 40460

A unique mascara in an ultra-stylish tone
that lengthens, defines and colors your
lashes to flirty perfection!

$6.00 instead of

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Retropical Lip Gloss

0.16 fl. oz. / 4.5 ml bottle

This summer, enjoy a shimmering
comfy texture and a subtle,
voluptuous scent.


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Light up your complexion with our
Sunkissed Glow Cheek Stain applying
it on your face and cleavage with
a tissue.

Sweep the Illuminating Pearls on
your face with a powder brush applying
them with circular motions.

Apply the Eucalyptus Eye Pencil
followed by Eucalyptus hue of the
Eyeshadow Trio on your upper eyelid.

Apply the Kohl Duo Deep Blue on the contour of your eyes and
apply the Kohl Duo in Bougainvillea on your lower lash line.

Apply a touch of Peach Melba from
the Eyeshadow Trio below the eyebrow
with the Eyeshadow Brush and finish off
your eyes with a touch of the Blue
Lagoon Mascara.

Apply the Red Hibiscus Gloss
to your lips starting at the heart
of your lips.

Finally, apply the Red Hibiscus
Nail Polish which is perfectly
assorted to your lips!

That’s it you’ve achieved the Retropical Look!