Flaunt a soft, chic makeup
that is warm and elegant!

To even out your complexion, start by brightening any dark areas with our Radiant Youth Corrector Pen, using your finger to apply it uniformly. Then, enhance your skin with our Pure Light Light & Luminous Foundation. Begin in the center of your face and blend the foundation towards the outer areas of your face with our Foundation Brush. Sweep a touch of Bronzing Powder Duo on your T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) with our Powder Brush to even out your complexion.

Radiant Youth Corrector Pen

1.5 ml Pencil-brush

REF. 74263

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Pure Light

Light &Luminous Foundation
30 ml pump-bottle

REF. 67625

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Rose 200 Light Complexion

Bronzing Powder Duo

20 g compact

REF. 15162

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Light Veil

With the 3-in-1 Eye Pencil-Brown, trace the contour of your eyes, paying special attention to the outer corners. Intensify the outer corner of your eye and blend the color with our Angled Eye Brush. Lightly shade the outer edge of the eyelid. Set the pencil line by applying our Single Eyeshadow Intense Color - Cinnamon Brown to your lash line with our Foam-tip Brush. Then apply our Single Eyeshadow Intense Color - Cocoa Brown to your eyelid lightly blending it on the arch of your brow, from the lash line to the top of your eyelid with the Flat Brush.

3 in 1 Eye Pencil

1.3 g pencil

REF. 81754

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Single Eyeshadow Intense Color

Cinnamon Brown
3 g compact

REF. 68640

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Single Eyeshadow Intense Color

Cocoa Brown
3 g compact

REF. 68842

Apply our Volume Elixir Mascara in Black with zigzag
movements to fully coat your lashes.

Volume Elixir Mascara

9 ml tube

REF. 44684

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Define your lips with the Colorless Automatic Lip Liner. Apply it in small lines on your lips as if you were drawing them, and then blend it to make it adhere well to your skin. Finish with the Sexy Pulp Volume Gloss - Golden Beige.

Automatic Lip Liner

0.3 g Pencil

REF. 06816

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Sexy Pulp Volume Gloss

Golden Beige
10 ml tube

REF. 05011

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Clear Coral

Foundation Brush

REF. 70458

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Flat Brush

REF. 71023

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Blush Brush

REF. 68820

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Angled Eye Brush

REF. 71259

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Foam-tip Brush

REF. 82335

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Yves Rocher Makeup Advisor

When you apply our 3-in-1 Eye Pencil, work with the flat part
of the pen and not the tip for a softer result.