Colorful !

Apply the polish of your choice from the base of the nail to the outside. A strong result from the first coat and a "mirror effect" with a second coat.

Beauty tip: for an optimum hold, apply the first coat thinly and let dry before applying
the second coat.

« I want shiny nails! »
Corail pastel
Corail vif
Mauve léger
Rouge sienne
Beige nacré
Brun peau
Rose fushia
Brun orangé
Rose pastel
Brun noir

Nail Lacquer

0.18 fl.oz. Bottle / 5.5 ml

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picto-best picto--45%
$4.95 instead of
Hot Orange

With Elemi gum
A covering, smoothing texture from the first coat, ideal glide for easy, comfortable application.
Deep, radiant colors with extreme shine.

« I want
intense colors! »
Velvet Red
Raspberry Red
Chocolate Brown
Ruby Red

High Concentration
Nail Lacquer

0.18 fl.oz. Bottle / 5.5 ml

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High concentration of pigments
Discover these 6 intense and pure shades in a high coverage, lacquer texture. Their high
concentration of pigments enhances the color result for smooth, richly colored and perfectly
lacquered nails.

« I want
trendy nails! »
Black Cherry
Pink Sorbet
Red Berry
Pastel Pink
Snow White
Midnight Blue
Electric Purple

Nail Polish

0.10 fl.oz. Bottle / 3 ml

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Indispensable and affordable products, at fixed prices all year.

Trendy nail polishes in small sizes to collect and to match any outfit or mood. Their light and
fluid formula allows an optimal application of 1 or 2 coats, depending on the shade.