Oriental Shower Oil

Every day, discover all the benefits of a day spent in a Turkish bath, thanks to this Oriental Shower Oil. Enriched with organic Moroccan Argan Oil, long renowned for its nourishing properties, its amber formula creates a delicate, milky lather on your skin and envelops you in a divinely scented veil of satiny-softness.

6.7 fl. oz./200 ml bottle
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Oriental Scrub

Restore velvety smoothness to your skin, thanks to organic argan oil, gentle Moroccan clay and the exfoliating power of argan kernel powder.

5.0 fl. oz./150 ml jar
Item #75753

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Oriental Soap with Olive Oil

Beautiful embossed bar soap combines the nourishing benefits of Moroccan argan oil and olive oil leaving skin silky-soft. Its delicate perfume envelops you for a moment of refreshing cleansing.

5.3 oz./150 g bar
Item #76115


Clay Mask – Face and Hair

Apply to your damp hair and face, leave on for 5 minutes and rinse. This lush mask is enriched with purifying skin-softening organic argan oil and Moroccan clay that purifies and restores shine and softness to your skin and hair.

3.4 fl. oz./100 ml tube
Item #75674

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Oriental Massage Elixir

Warm oil between your hands and massage oil from your feet to your neck. This headyscented elixir combines rich organic argan oil with the soothing properties of organic rose essential oil. Skin is highly nourished and soft as satin.

3.4 fl. oz./100 ml bottle
Item #76011

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Nourishing Argan Balm

Nourishing organic argan oil and soothing fragrant organic orange blossom essential oil in a rich balm. Its whipped texture envelops you in its sweet orange blossom scent, restoring skin to softness.

5.0 fl. oz./150 ml jar
Item #75898

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