• Plumping Force + Day
  • Plumping Force + Night
  • Radiance Lotion Perfecting Action

Choosing the best anti-wrinkle program

Yves Rocher dedicated the result of 8 years of Botanical Beauty research and 3 patents to the 40-something woman.
SÉRUM VÉGÉTAL 3 with Apple Oligosides, an exclusive line of skin care formulas that respond with precision to the needs and lifestyle of 40-something women.
Increased wrinkles? Lack of radiance? Deep wrinkles? Loss of firmness?
2 made-to-measure programs to discover!

If Your Skin is...

  • less firm to the touch;
  • less resilient;
  • lacks density and doesn't feel as plump as it once did;
  • your wrinkles are pronounced.

This treatment works in-depth for an instant and lasting effect:
» Fills in pronounced wrinkles,
» Restores bounce to skin,
» Moisturizes and protects skin.

The Plus:
» Its lush texture surrounds your skin in a moisturizing veil.

87% Decrease in deep wrinkles*

Ref: 15165
$26.50 instead of

* Effectiveness observed by instrument-measured tests immediately after application. Tested on 23 women.

While you sleep, when skin actively regenerates, this highly concentrated treatment helps this process and:
» Fills in pronounced wrinkles from deep within,
» Re-densifies and firms skin.

The Plus:
Its dense texture penetrates quickly and cradles your skin
in true comfort.

81% Replumped skin

Ref: 14967
$28.80 instead of

* Test scientifique - Diminution de la profondeur des rides de 13,8% en moyenne mesurée sur 87% des sujets immédiatement après aplication.
Test réalisé sur 23 personnes

This toning lotion is fresh and invigorating and is a vital step in completing the cleansing process. Leaves your skin feeling ‘like new’ and has a gentle micro-exfoliating action to revive the complexion and refine the texture of the skin.

Ref: 72702

  • Wrinkles & Radiance Dazzling Cream - Day
  • Wrinkles & Radiance Dazzling Cream - Eye
  • Wrinkles & Radiance Dazzling Cream - Night
  • Cleansing Milk Smoothing Action
  • Radiance Lotion Perfecting Action
  • Cleansing Wipes Smoothing Action

Choosing the best anti-wrinkle program

Just because we are the same age, does not mean we have the same skin.
Yves Rocher Botanical Beauty Research was able to detect these differences in order to better treat them.
SERUM VÉGÉTAL 3, with its 3 patents, is the first skin care line that offers
2 programs and a made-to-measure response.


  • At this moment, your complexion appears dull and lacklustre;
  • Your skin changes gradually: signs of aging have begun to show;
  • Wrinkles and fine lines have settled in;
  • Rest has no effect on the radiance of your complexion.

Upon application:
» De-creases skin,
» Revives your complexion.

After 1 month:
» Effectively reduces wrinkles,
» Reactivates radiance from deep within.

Proven performance:
85% Noted a deep radiance boost*

Ref: 74254

*Rate of satisfaction. Effectiveness observed by 26 women after 1 month use.

This special delicate-area treatment, both gentle and highly effective meticulously treats the eye contour area, day and/or night.

Proven performance:
71% Observed an increase in eye radiance*

Ref: 74663
picto-best picto--40%
$21.60 instead of

*Rate of satisfaction. Effectiveness observed by 36 women after 3 weeks of use.

This treatment works with the nocturnal rhythm of your skin to recharge it with rejuvenating ingredients and regenerate its tissue.

+31% increase in acceleration of epidermal turnover(1)
» Effectively repairs wrinkles,
» In-dept radiance renewal.

(1) Test scientifique sur 12 sujets. Accélération du renouvellement cellulaire après 7 jours d’utilisation.

Proven performance:
98% Observed a reduction in dept wrinkles*

Ref: 75115
picto-best picto--40%
$18.60 instead of

*Instrumental Test - Reduction in depth of wrinkles by 17.2 %, on average.
Measured on 98% of the subjects immediatley after use.
Number of subjects: 20

This velvety-smooth cleansing milk has a deep-down cleansing action to remove make up and impurities while visibly smoothing the features for soft, radiant-looking skin.

Ref: 73799

This toning lotion is fresh and invigorating and is a vital step in completing the cleansing process. Leaves your skin feeling ‘like new’ and has a gentle micro-exfoliating action to revive the complexion and refine the texture of the skin.

Ref: 72702

These wipes, specially created to be extra gentle on the skin, will remove all traces of makeup and cleanse the skin of impurities while helping to smooth the facial features. They have a visible ‘uncrinkling’ effect on the skin and an intensive rehydrating action.

Ref: 73195


It is from the heart of the apple, so rich in active nutri-elements, that Yves Rocher Botanical Beauty Research has created a concentrated and powerful anti-aging extract: pectin extract, rich in Apple Oligosides.

This exclusive active ingredient of the Yves Rocher brand fights wrinkles and loss of radiance. Cadherins, adhesion proteins, are responsible for skin cohesion. Apple Oligosides help stimulate skin to restore all its cohesion. +77% improvement in skin cohesion*. Wrinkles retract, as they are smoothed away and radiance is revealed.

*in vitro result.