For half a century over 30 million women around the world have enjoyed
the quality and effectiveness of Yves Rocher’s botanical beauty products.

We are proud to offer you these assurances:

Always Here for You

We’re always easy to reach for you to order your beauty products by mail, telephone or
Internet - 7 days a week, 24 hours a day

Transaction Security Guaranteed

We guarantee secure transactions on our website, and we offer you different methods of payment for your order. Credit card orders will be charged at the date of shipment.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Whether you want an exchange or a refund, you can return your products and we take care of everything!

Respect for Nature & Safety

Botanical Beauty combines the knowledge of nature and scientific research. It explores the most powerful active ingredients of botanicals to offer high-quality, custom solutions for every skin type. And all the while, it contributes to the preservation of our environment, because Yves Rocher ensures that it gives back to Nature. That is what makes Yves Rocher a brand capable of creating beauty products concentrated in botanical active ingredients, products with proven effectiveness that are as respectful to your skin as they are to the environment.

Best Prices Guaranteed

By managing every step of production (as Harvester, Manufacturer and Distributor), we manage the cost of our products as successfully as their quality.

Free Gifts and Samples

We always offer you lovely gifts and samples in every beauty parcel.