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- paraben
- colorant
- mineral oil


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Velvety facial
with Organic
Aloe Vera

Intensely moisturize your skin for comfort and renewed vitality. Your complexion seems regenerated, looks beautiful and feels great!

The +:

Its creamy texture that leaves skin soft and supple.

+47% immediate hydration*.

1.6 fl. oz./50ml tube, Ref. 23281

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body lotion
with Organic
Aloe Vera

Discover a cocktail of organic pampering: soothing Aloe Vera, nourishing Almond and Sesame Oils and calming Witch Hazel Water for soft moisturized skin.

The +:

Its creamy texture that penetrates quickly.

The skin is moisturized for lasting results and the feeling of tightness disappears for 96% of users*.

6.7 fl. oz./200 ml bottle, Ref. 21552

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Stay fresh
with organic
Aloe Vera

Be gentle on yourself! Opt for this effective, moisturizing deodorant that respects the nature of your skin. As a bonus it will leave your skin delicately perfumed!

The +:

Its formula without aluminium salts.

96%* of women found it invisible upon application.

1.6 fl. oz. /50ml roll-on, Ref. 20447

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Aloe Vera

Reveal the cool fresh, moisturizing cleansing of Organic Aloe Vera from Mexico. This Shower Gel protects your skin from dryness and leaves your skin soft and supple.

The +:

Its fresh scent that cleanses gently.

The skin was cleansed gently for 96% of women*.

6.7 fl. oz./200 ml bottle, Ref. 21007

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Organic Aloe Vera From Mexico

Because Yves Rocher respects nature as much as women’s skin, the traceability
of our Organic Botanical Ingredients, selected for their specific effectiveness is guaranteed. Yves Rocher has built a partnership with Mexican producers to
guarantee that the plants are traditionally and organically grown.

Our partners harvest the leaves that contain the most pulp in order to extract
the best moisturizing substance. The extraction process used allows us to obtain a pure extract of the highest quality.
We control all steps of production, from the field to your skin!