Ultra Long-Lasting Cream
Eyeshadow - Waterproof

0.27 fl. oz. / 8 ml Bottle

These pearly colors are easy to apply
and stay put. Waterproof and
heat-resistant, they are a must-have
for a sexy lasting Summer Look!

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Waterproof Eye Pencil

0.01 oz. / 0.3 g pencil

These pure and intense eye pencils glide on and leave
long-lasting waterproof colors behind. They have
a retractable tip and a built-in sharpener, that makes
it easy to draw ultra-precise lines.

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Waterproof 360° Length Mascara

0.27 fl. oz. / 8 ml Tube, Ref. 18231

A fine and fluid formula that is now waterproof and covers every lash
thanks to its patented 2-in-1 brush!

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Sexy Pulp Volume Gloss

0.33 fl. oz. / 10 ml Tube

An ultra-light and non-sticky texture that gently
plumps lips for a bare lip feel. Now available in
a new summer color: Clear Coral!

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Nail Lacquer

0.19 fl. oz. / 8 ml Bottle

High voltage shine in trendy new
colors for the summer!

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Indian Rose

Apply the Ultra Long-Lasting
Cream Eyeshadow Mauve
to your upper eyelid.

Underline the upper and lower corner of
the eye with the Waterproof Eye Pencil Tangy Green.

Trace a line of the Ultra Long-Lasting Cream
Eyeshadow Turquoise below your lower lash line.

Blend the green and turquoise that are on your lower
lash line with your fingertip.

Apply the Waterproof 360° Length Mascara starting at the base of your
lashes towards the exterior, insisting on the outer corner of your eye.

Apply the final touch with the
Sexy Pulp Volume Gloss in
Clear Coral.

Choose one of the colors
of the summer to paint
your nails!