24H Rich Hydrating

Mattifying Gel Cream

24H Comfort Nourishing
Cream - Day

Derma-Soothing Day

Stop Blemish Lotion

Skin Type

Normal to Dry Skin

Combination to Oily Skin

Dry Skin

Sensitive Skin

Acne-Prone Skin

Beauty Results

  • Skin is intensely and
    deeply hydrated for 24H
  • Skin is visibly replenished,
    soft and radiant
  • Skin is no longer
    suffocating and feels fresh
  • Skin is now shine-free
    and breathes once again
  • Skin is left soft, supple
    and nourished
  • Skin feels comfortable
    and is no longer tight
  • Skin is hydrated, soothed
    and protected
  • Day by day feelings of
    tightness and overheating
    are reduced
  • Skin is mattified for
    8 hours
  • Pimples and blackheads
    are treated and the
    skin's texture is refined


Rich and creamy

Ultra-light fluid texture

Creamy texture without
the oily effect

Ultra-smooth creamy gel

Oil-free, non-comedogenic,
liquid and fresh

Botanical Ingredients

Organic Maple and
Blue Agave Saps

Purifying Baikal

Ash Tree Concentrate

Sophorine from the
Anta Bean

Organic Aloe Vera Pulp

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