Youth Intensifier Serum
  • Those that want to
    intensify the power of
    their anti-aging care
  • Recommended for
    age 25 and up
  • Skin is smoother
    after a day
  • Skin’s texture is refined
    and the skin is energized
    after a week
  • Leaves skin radiant with
    youth after a month

Light and penetrating
Active Ingredients
from 7 plants

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Ultra Plumping Serum
  • Skins that lack firmness
  • Recommended for
    age 35 and up
  • Skin appears firmer and
    denser: ultra-plumped
  • Features are tightened
  • Wrinkles and fine
    lines are smoothed

Fine and comfortable
Acacia Gum

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V-Shaping Serum
  • Skins that lack elasticity
    and need to be lifted
  • Recommended for
    age 45 and up
  • The facial outline is
  • Wrinkles are smoothed
  • Skin’s elasticity is
Fresh and fluid
Santhorn Serum
7 product review(s)

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Exceptional Youth
  • Those that want their
    skin to be brighter and
    more uniform
  • Skin is instantly softer
    and more radiant
  • Complexion is more
    uniform after 14 days
  • Dark spots are left
    looking visibly reduced
    after 1 month
Melting gel
White Lupin
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Moisture Boost
  • Normal and
    Dehydrated Skins
  • Skin is revitalized
  • Skin’s hydration is boosted
  • Brings radiance to
    your skin
Moisture Capture
Botanical Saps
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Pore Minimizing Serum
  • Combination to Oily Skins
  • Excess sebum
    is absorbed
  • Pores are ungclogged
    and minimized
  • Skin is left shine-free

Fluid and fresh
Baikal Powder
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picto-best picto--40%
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Beauty Tip

Apply the serum on a clean face. Gently massage it in the skin. Once it has been absorbed, you can apply your day care!

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