Soothing Decongesting
Eye Care

Complete Anti-Aging
Eye Care

Wrinkles & Radiance
Dazzling Cream - Eye

Contour Lift
Eye Care

Wrinkle Smoothing
Eye Cream

For who

  • Women with sensitive eyes
  • All skin types
  • As a cure for women in
    their thirties
  • For women of 40 and over
  • For women of 35 and over
  • All skin types

  • For women of 45 and over
  • All skin types

  • For women of 55 and over
  • Dry skins with pronounced


  • The eye contour area is
  • Signs of fatigue are gone
  • Under eye bags and
    puffiness is reduced

  • Wrinkles and fine lines
    around the eye contour are quickly smoothed
  • Under eye bags seem deflated
  • Dark circles are visibly faded
  • Wrinkles and crow's feet are reduced
  • Undereye bags are decongested
  • The area is instantly brightened thanks to its pearly formula
  • Dark circles and bags are
    decongested and reduced
  • Eyelids are visibly lifted
  • The appearance of unsightly crow’s feet is reduced
  • The sensitive skin around the eyes is smoothed


Gel and fragrance-free

Velvety and immediately

Light and fragrance free

Lift effect and fragrance free

Light and fresh


Anta Bean

4G Botanical Plant Source
Cells from Echinacea

Apple Oligosides

Active Sandthorn Serum

30 Precious Oils


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