botanical key

Your Botanical Weapon
against Cellulite!

A 2 step process to fight cellulite!

Prep your skin

Exfoliating Gel

5. fl. oz/ 150 ml Tube, Ref. 22735

Enriched in Bamboo Silica, it will boost micro-circulation
and rid the body of impurities to allow a better penetration
of your Global Action Serum when you massage it.

How to use: Use the Exfoliating Gel under the shower twice
a week, by rubbing it over your body and rinsing it thoroughly.

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Refine your silhouette

Global Action Serum

5.0 fl. oz/ 150 ml pump-bottle, ref. 20527

Enriched with the gamma Ɣ Mangoustin it will visibly smooth stubborn bulges and firm the skin,
refining your silhouette! In addition, it penetrates quickly thanks to its ultra-fresh,
non-sticky gel texture.

How to use: Apply morning and evening over your body using circular movements and
paying special attention to problem areas.

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In 15 days

of women achieved

*Scientific test on 23 women, twice-daily application
during a 15-day period.

After 1 month

of women observed a

**% of subjects having significant result on at least one area.
Scientific test on 40 women, twice daily application of the
Serum during a 1-month period.

Don’t forget!

The Massage

5.5’’/12 cm long x 3.75’’/9 cm wide, ref. 75321

A spa worthy, rolling-pression and suction accessory to use
with your Botanical Key Silhouette products. Faciliates
product penetration and activates micro-circulation for
more effective massaging.


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