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Brazilian Coffee Beans Shower Cream
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This delicately scented gel turns into a fine, light foam that restores the skin's balance

Think about the environment: turn off shower while shampooing.

Brazilian Coffee Beans Shower Cream

Awaken your senses!

Succumb to the intense fragrance of Brazilian Coffee Beans!

Explore the lush gardens of Brazil along paths lined with coffee trees! This rich shower cream transforms into a smooth lather that softens your skin and envelops it with its soothing scent.
Every day, rediscover the intense and exquisite scent of Brazilian Coffee Beans Shower Cream!

The Plus: Its light and silky lather, which offers an intense feeling of well-being and protection!

- Neutral pH
- Recyclable bottle

8.4 fl.oz. Bottle / 250 ml
$2.50 instead of

REF : 78737

Bottle: 250 ml

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