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Green Tea Revitalizing Body Wash
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Green Tea
The revitalizing freshness of Green Tea
Green te ais prized for its ability to refresh and invigorate the senses. Its revitalizing qualities keep you awake and alert and lets you make the most of every moment.

5 min

2 min

3 min

Create a lather with this delicately scented gel under the shower. Rinse well. Avoid contact with eyes.

Then apply to hair.

Massage hair to create a lather.

Fraîcheur Végétale

Green Tea Revitalizing Body Wash

Fresh and revitalizing!

Sparkling body wash, infused with fresh, modern scents inspired by the green notes of nature.

Amazing and exotic, this sparkling scent awakens your senses. Rediscover the revitalizing properties of green tea, long revered by cultures around the world. Its scent is concentrated in a foaming gel that revitalizes and gives you a feeling of profound well-being

8.4 fl oz / 250 ml bottle

REF : 73410

Bottle: 250 ml

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